FinanceWhat Makes a Good Insurance Agent?

What Makes a Good Insurance Agent?

If you are looking for NY insurance companies that can manage your home, car and business needs, you need to look for an agency with the following attributes. Keep in mind, the following applies to both companies and individual agents. 

Product Knowledge & Expertise

A Wide Array of Products

A good insurance agent will be able to offer a comprehensive selection of products and services that can meet any reasonable need a client might have. These offerings will be well thought and useful to you as well as many other clients in the area. 

Technical Knowledge  

A great insurance agent knows more than just selling policies to clients. The agent has to know about tax and legal aspects of what they sell, and how they can fit into a client’s budget. The best insurance agents earn additional certifications to allow them to manage money and understand legal terms and become all-rounders. It’s these all rounder’s you want to find. 


It is important to ask the agent about their experience before putting your trust in them. One indication of their technical knowledge is if they have letters after their name. These letters stand for professional insurance designations and mean the insurance agent has a higher level of expertise and competence. Some of the command designations to look for are: CIC, ARM, CRM and CPCU. Remember to ask how long they’ve been in the business too.  

Personality and Reliance 


Insurance agents who use deception to close a business rarely stay with the same company for long and can end up behind bars in some cases. A good agent knows that telling the truth will earn them the respect and trust of their clients and can lead to customer loyalty over time.

High Energy 

One of the most important characteristics of a good insurance agent is that they are always excited and eager. Those who are sullen or low energy immediately affects customers and makes them not want to buy anything


This is perhaps the most important quality of any good insurance agent. People working in this field absolutely must be able to manage rejection on a daily basis throughout their career and do it with a smile. Good insurance agents understand that every rejection  brings them closer to the person who will say yes.

People Skills 

Good Customer Service

Customers who can contact their agent when they need to are more likely to be satisfied and reassured. Timely response to inquiries and phone calls is a must, and you must be able to do what you say you will,when you say you will, or have a good reason why this can’t be done.

Puts Clients First

An agent that only seeks to earn commissions, regardless of the client’s needs, is unlikely to last long in the business. Agents and brokers who listen carefully to what their clients and prospects are saying will win their trust, which is the hardest part of their job. 

When choosing a good agent, it is essential to know that agents who are willing to place their clients on a lower commission product because it better suits their needs will have more chance at retaining customers.  

High Emotional Intelligence

This includes the ability to listen and empathize with customers on a deeper level  to discern what they really want and need. A good agent is tactful and knows how to help clients see financial realities clearly, even when the client strongly opposes it.

Choose NY Insurance Hub 

The NY Insurance Hub is the one stop shop for all your insurance needs. They can help you find car, home and business insurance. They work by presenting you with the best insurance companies in New York so you can easily find the best deal for you locally. Every company they represent is chosen for being the best of the best.  

All new clients are given their own expert to work together to address all your concerns. Whether this is to look for the best car or home insurance or simply to help you find out what you need from your insurer. 

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