blogThe Most Successful and Best International Brokers Companies

The Most Successful and Best International Brokers Companies

FBS is a CFD-only ECN/STP broker. Unique to this broker is the fixed and sometimes even negative spreads, which make them ideal for scalpers. Traders from all over the world participate in them, but the available assets may differ depending on their location. The broker has managed to win over 40 awards since its inception, and trading costs start at 0 pips.

Best International Broker

After a lot of research, Traders Union have found the following 3 best international brokers.

  • TradeStation 

If you’re new to trading stocks or other assets, you might feel completely overwhelmed. Founded in 1982 under the name Omega Research, TradeStation is the brainchild of brothers William and Rafael Cruz. Even now, their primary goal is to make it easier for newcomers to comprehend data through graphs and practice trading strategies before engaging in the market. What we know as the company today began its transformation from a software developer to an international brokerage in 2001. Besides this, TradeStation’s various web and mobile platforms have a clean design and are simple to use. This means that even users with zero experience can get around them with relative ease.

  • TD Ameritrade

This brokerage firm has been around the longest of any we’ve included. Formed in 1971 under the name Ameritrade, TD Ameritrade changed its name to TD Waterhouse in 2002 after agreeing to manage the company’s U.S. operations. As of right now, the firm manages assets worth close to $1.3 trillion. TD Ameritrade, offers a wide variety of services. Their offerings are, unfortunately restricted to the domestic market only. The ability to focus on a niche has, however, resulted in excellent service for their clientele. Good news for newcomers: their support team responds rapidly to questions and is available 24/7.

  • Tastyworks 

Tom Sosnoff, Scott Sheridan, Kristi Ross, and Linwood Ma founded the brokerage firm Tastyworks in 2017. Twenty-two years ago, these same four people founded Thinkorswim, a trading platform acquired by TD Ameritrade in 2009. This organization and its subsidiary, Tastytrade, were funded with those funds so that they could advocate for do-it-yourself investing. In spite of limiting their services to the US market, they have a sizable selection of goods available for purchase right now. Tastyworks stands out from the crowd because of its expertise in the market and the fact that they consistently offer new and insightful information to traders.

Top FBS Features

  • Leverage Up to 1:3000

When it comes to regions subject to IFCA and FSCA regulations, our leverage on Standard, Micro, and Zero-Spread accounts is among the highest in the world, reaching as high as 1:3000. Except for the ECN account, which provides only 1:500 leverage, all other accounts can use as much as 1:1000. The maximum leverage for regions governed by ASIC is 1:30, while the maximum leverage for the EU and UK is 1:500 for the Professional category.

  • Low Barriers to Market Entry

Micro accounts require only a $5 minimum deposit and Cent accounts require only $1, thanks to the company’s streamlined business model, which does away with the need for a dealing desk. With such low thresholds, new entrants to the international financial markets face fewer challenges.

  • Effective Customer Support

The company provides around-the-clock service in English and 20 additional languages. Email, phone, callback, live chat, and social networks are all ways to contact customer service. Traders of all experience levels will find support from the friendly and knowledgeable staff at FBS, who are dedicated to ensuring their success.

FBS Payment Systems 

The minimum deposit required of new users varies according to their trading location and the type of account they open with their chosen payment processor. You can make deposits and withdrawals to and from your FBS account using a number of different methods, including wire transfers, e-wallets and major credit cards like VISA. Bank transfer payments are currently restricted to customers in the European Union only. For any given payment method, the processor completes the transaction in what seems like a nanosecond. There is a 48-hour waiting period for all withdrawal and deposit methods when using a bank transfer. When making withdrawals at any of the platform’s overseas representations, a transaction fee is applied. When withdrawing large amounts of money from a trader’s account, the user may be asked to provide government-issued identification.

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