This article will discuss the fascinating science behind snus. What is snus? How does it work? What makes it so different from cigarettes? Why do people use it and why do they love it so much? This post will explore the history of tobacco in Sweden, the science and mechanics of how snus works in your body, and why people love using and choosing to live life with this alternative option instead of cigarettes.

The article “The Fascinating Science of Snus” explores one man’s journey to find a way to stop smoking that is more socially acceptable. It is a short, easy-to-read narrative of one man’s journey to give up cigarettes and start snus. It will serve as a guide for all those considering the same thing.

To truly understand snus and how it works in your body, it is important to understand the history of tobacco and its use in Sweden. First you must know that there is no such thing as “Swedish snus.” Swedish snus was created in the United States by the Swedish Match company. It isn’t something that originated in Sweden or even on this continent. You will hear this debated… and it is. But, in order to truly understand snus and the way it works in your body, you must realize that snus did not exist before Swedish Match invented it for US consumption.

The debate of “Swedish Snus” vs “US Snus” is a PR gimmick created by the tobacco industry to confuse people into thinking that a drug-free alternative exists. Snus is a manmade product that was brought to this country from Sweden by Swedish Match. It wasn’t developed here, but rather developed from its use in Sweden from 1946 to 1992… 5 years ago… when imported snus was discontinued because of heavy pressure from the anti-smoking movement and the FDA.

Snus is a moist powder tobacco material used in Sweden that was brought to the US by Swedish Match. Snus is different than any other type of tobacco product available on the market today because it is available in small, single-use pouches. To explain how snus works in your body, you must realize that snus uses the same delivery system as modern nicotine patches and gum… but doesn’t “kick” like gum or patches. Snus kicks faster than cigarettes because it goes through your mouth and into your stomach… not through your throat and into your lungs like cigarettes do.

Tobacco has been found all over the world, so it isn’t new to Sweden. In fact, tobacco was brought to Sweden by Europeans in the 16th century. In the early 17th century, Swedes turned tobacco growing from a hobby into a job. Tobacco was introduced into Sweden during the 19th century through trade with other countries and colonies that used tobacco. What is important to know is that over the course of 300 years, tobacco use in Sweden has declined by 98%., but has remained a socially acceptable product throughout that time. Now for a look back at snus when it was introduced to Americans and when imported snus was discontinued.
Swedish Match created its first Swedish snus brand, “Mosaic,” in 1987 in New Jersey . This was the first Swedish snus to be distributed in the US. Currently, you can purchase US snus brands like General, “Tobacco Club,” “Mosaic,” and Swedish Match. They are all made in Sweden .

Importing tobacco products is not allowed in the US today, but Swedes were importing it for over 100 years. When Swedish Match began producing its own brands of snus in 1987, imported snus was no longer permitted to be sold in the United States due to the growing anti-smoking movement. The FDA shut down all importation of imported snus into this country back then. Swedes were keen on their anti-smoking stance and did all that they could to rid their nation of cigarettes completely.


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