Apart from academic courses and curriculum there is a lot that happens with kids and students in their life which affects their studies and their academic performance. Earlier in the traditional learning system nobody used to care about the mental status of kids because they used to focus only on completion of courses not on the overall development of the kids. Induction of online learning made all the sectors of education focus on the mental status of kids also and for this school managements are these days recruiting school counsellors. School counselors are trained to help the students with all sorts of things and issues they go through. School managements are inducing tools like attendance management software. It is so because attendance management software keeps track of the interest level of students in learning. Students these days are getting support from schools in online learning through LMS portals. LMS portals make online learning easy and safe. Students may become burdened and stressed due to hectic syllabus, sometimes family issues keep them sad and full of anxiety, sometimes kids have issue with their favourite peer and they are unable to cope up with silence between them and sometime rude behaviour of other students also breaks the heart and it fills the mind with sorrow which is harmful for the academic performance. Due to such mental issues students are not able to sleep properly and cannot focus on homework and if such problems keep on happening then it drags the students into the pit of depression also. Students need to understand that every human being goes through rough times and for students’ school counsellors incarnate as saviour God. Let’s see what are the roles of school counselors in a student’s life.

School counselors are professionally trained people who are able to solve various kinds of personal and academic issues of the students so that students can concentrate on their studies instead of useless issues which bother them and their concentration gets disturbed. School counselors solve the biggest problem of the students and that is they can help the students in planning their career and professional future. School counselors help the students in various issues like they help the students to plan their schedule and give coaching on their study skills in order to bring improvement. Also, counselors help the students if they have any kind of problem in the class such as being unable to improve the grades. Schools’ counselors are the best medium for the students to get guidance about which class and subject will be helpful for them in order to make their favourite subject the ways to take them to college and succeed in their favourite subject. School counsellor is a very learned person who guides students in many things such as preparation of job application which is very important. They also guide the student to prepare a career plan after high school so that they should not remain confused after passing high school. If the students need some extra support such as a quiet place for studying then the school counsellor provides it or if a student has a fractured hand and is unable to write then the school counsellor provides a senior student to write the paper. 

School counselors accept that if there are issues in the personal life of the students then they are never able to concentrate on their studies and their academic performance gets ruined completely so school counselors also fix such problems because kids have no experience to deal with such issues and they need external support. First of all, they are confused because they have no one to ask and tell anything about, therefore the school counsellor plays that role with students and they perform active listening due to which kids share their every good and bad thing with them and receive proper guidance from counsellor. If the student faces any kind of issue in learning or related to curriculum for which the student wants support then he or she gets that support from school counsellor. Students also take school counselors as mentors who they can discuss almost every topic with because with their help students make good decisions regarding their career which results as beneficial to them in future. Sometimes students have some special needs like they suffer from some problems which they can’t express like a medical issue with reading during which words on black/white board seems jumbled and this medical issue is called Dyslexia. School counselor is such a learned person that he or she detects this issue with kids very easily and provides such kids special classes.


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