TechnologyMobile Phone Repairs and the Right to Repair in Australia

Mobile Phone Repairs and the Right to Repair in Australia

Of the total number of mobile phones Australians own, nearly 57% are Apple, 25% Samsung, 6% Huawei, and 5% cumulatively Oppo, Google, and Xiaomi. On average, Australians replace their smartphones every three years. With most smartphones beginning to show signs of wear and tear within 24 months of use, it isn’t a surprise that seeking a phone repair in Brisbane is at an all-time high. 

When phone repair experts were surveyed, they revealed that most customers come to them with issues with the following components:


Generally, mobile screens are of two types – Organic Light-Emitting Diode (OLED) and Liquid Crystal Display (LCD). OLED screens also consist of an organic material that lights up on its own when you touch it. It does not need to be illuminated from behind. 

Whereas, in LCD screens, a matrix of liquefied crystals is used, lit up from behind (a backlight). They perform well under sunlight but may not be as vivid as LEDs.

There exists a trade-off in either type of screen between its thickness and touch sensitivity. Thicker screens may be sturdy, but they aren’t as responsive to your tactile commands. With thinner phones with sensitive displays in demand, screens are getting more fragile. 

However, that may change shortly. A research team from the University of Queensland recently developed a technology to produce unbreakable screens. They are currently looking into making it viable for large scale production.


Most smartphones use Lithium-ion batteries. Like regular batteries, they consist of a positive and a negative electrode with an electrolyte connecting them. A Lithium-ion battery holds on to electrons when you charge it and slowly releases the electrons as it discharges. 

Batteries may drain much faster than expected if you use heavy applications such as GPS, mobile internet, and games. Additionally, if your screen is on for a long time, it will eat up your battery life as well.

Proximity sensor

The proximity sensor is a tiny instrument on the face of your smartphone which – like a bat – recognises an object that interferes with its radiation. Generally, when people complain that the proximity sensor isn’t working, they say that the screen does not automatically turn off when they place the phone in their pocket or bring it close to their ears to receive a call. 

Common causes of the issue include the following:

  • The screen protector is too thick.
  • The phone’s safety case is blocking the sensor.
  • A lot of dust accumulated on the screen. 

However, repair professionals are concerned about some practices followed by phone manufacturers that intend to put them out of business. 

Right to Repair

Australia’s Productivity Commission recently reviewed the consumer’s “right to repair” an electronic device. Mobile phone giants Apple and Samsung prevent third parties from repairing damaged mobile phones. For instance, Apple uses specific screws on the mobile, which can only be loosened with custom tools available to Apple employees. In another example, Samsung makes buying a new phone cheaper than replacing a component. 

If the Right to Repair law passes in Queensland, phone repair in Brisbane will become cheaper and more accessible. 

In conclusion

Phone owners may want to repair their phones rather than buy a new one for myriad reasons. The phone could have a sentimental value to them, they may want to save expenses, or the phone could be perfectly salvageable. Whatever your reason for repairing a phone, you can look forward to passing the Right to the Repair bill.

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