blogMatebook x Pro  Is An Excellent Processing Laptop

Matebook x Pro  Is An Excellent Processing Laptop

Here we are providing you with the best and the most elegant smart matebook for companies with smart intel core processing. have a borderless experience with the great processing laptop from the smart laptop collection.

Many companies have the greatest collection of laptops that provide you excellent performance with its inter-core processing. You can enhance the performance of the speakers of any laptop. You can add the best quality booming speakers to make your laptop and extra ordinary laptop

In This article, we are going to have a look at the processing and working ability of the  Matebook x Pro with its great intel core processing. let’s check out all of the working capacities.

Great Display 

First, have a look at its great display that also plays a part in the great performance. When it looks better it works better. If you see all the details of your document clearly you can have the best working experience so this great matebook provides a 91% screen-to-body ratio with a 3k full view display.

With its 3:2 aspect, it gives you the perfect combination of reading and writing. It also contains a multi-touch screen for zoom and scroll purposes. Also, support screenshot by 3 finger collaboration. 

Professional Performance

Now the main part of this smart laptop is a high-quality performance for your has the best 8th generation intel core -8250U processor for great performance and with its NVIDIA GeForce MX graphic controller, you can achieve a massive level of performance.

Not only this it also had 8GB RAM and 256GB SSD  to give you a powerful performance with a seamless gaming experience. Not only this it also gives the best high-speed wifi and Bluetooth connectivity.

Fullspeed Thunderbolt

Want a great speed for wonderful searching and gaming? This smart laptop matebook pro gives up to 40GB speed thunderbolt. This speed maximizes your working ability and makes it super fast.

Its USB-C ports contain dazzling speed with slim, reversible, and versatile enjoyment. you can transfer data, enjoy working, and much more for great performance. Over its full speed, the thunderbolt gives an extraordinary performance.

Outstanding Battery Life

The next most important thing is the battery of this smart laptop. This laptop contains outstanding battery life, its smart and slim design contains a monstrous 57.4 WH battery. This smatter battery life gives almost 13 gout playback for video just on a single charge. Now you can enjoy all the movies and videos without relying on cables


In this article, we discuss the most significant thing about the smart laptop. The great performance and best intel core processing of  Matebook x Pro. If you want the best laptop for daily work and the best working capacity for daily usage this is the best laptop that is recommended to you.

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