blogIs The Ragdoll Cat The Right Pet For You?

Is The Ragdoll Cat The Right Pet For You?

Ragdolls are large, affectionate cats who exhibit a great deal of compassion and tenderness. Because of their small size, these kittens are a serene and loving breed that is content with nothing more than playing or snuggling with their pet parents during their free time.

This breed is well-known for being easy to care for and for being highly social with its owners. They are great family pets, and they get along well with children as well. Suppose you devote your time and effort to this fluffy kitten. In that case, it will reward you with unwavering love and affection in return.

Ragdolls are less common than other cat breeds because they require more attentive breeding than other types. Ragdoll kittens may be purchased for as little as $400 and as much as $2,000 for a show cat. The price of your cat will be decided by its age, as well as its pedigree and breed. For more information, follow this link


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Large and powerful, with long fur and a smooth, silky coat, these lovely cats are a sight to behold. Ragdolls are indeed a low-shedding breed, but in the spring, you may notice more shedding. The breed’s lack of shedding is due to its absence of an undercoat, although it is not called a “hypoallergenic” cat.

Such kittens are between 9–11 inches tall and 17–21 inches long (excluding their fluffy tail). The Cat Fanciers’ Association weighs 10–20 pounds, although male ragdoll cats are generally heavier. They also have a variety of coat patterns!


In reality, the name “ragdoll” derives from the fact that when picked up, they go limp. These cats adore being carried and pampered, and they will happily relax in a person’s arms for as long as you allow them to.

The ragdoll has a clever, kind, and extremely loving disposition. These sweet cats like and want human contact, yet they’re not pushy. Ragdolls are great companion pets because they are highly loyal and dedicated to their owners.

While these cats are usually laid-back, each cat is unique, and it’s vital to do your homework before welcoming a kitten of any breed. You won’t hear much noise from these silent cats. They don’t make a lot of noise unless they’re bothered by anything. They usually make tiny, gentle meows to let you understand they’re hungry and need affection.

Living Requirements

They are typically easy to take care of and suitable for most families, children, adults, and the elderly. If you already have the space and enough affection to give these large cats, they’ll be a great addition to your home.

They could be left alone for small periods, like throughout a day at the office, but they will still miss you a great deal. This type of cat seeks out human interaction and thrives in households where one or even more family members are present at all times of the day. 

The cat can start to feel lonely if left alone constantly. And if you do decide to leave the house for a couple of hours, don’t be surprised when you return to find your ragdoll awaiting you at the front door! Find out more here

Always be on the lookout for your ragdoll’s extroverted personality. These cats were taught to be reliable and friendly, as seen by their willingness to approach anyone without reservations. If you want to take them outside, keep a careful eye on them and put them in a harness.


You won’t have to worry about grooming for this particular breed. However, they are nice pets who take care of themselves, but they may require bathing every now and again. When your pet’s coat becomes oily, it’s time to start soaking it in the tub.

A ragdoll’s coat must be combed on a daily basis in order to keep it in good condition. It is good to plan ahead in a kitten’s life, and setting up a fixed period each day to avoid the need for professional grooming is crucial. Make sure to check out holistapet to find out more about this particular breed!

It’s easy to fall in love with a ragdoll kitten since they’re so adorable. These hyperactive babies demand early socialization and a great deal of attention to be happy.

It’s important not to forget about things like nail trimming and ear cleaning. Pets are unable to care for themselves, or at the very least are unable to do the most basic of hygienic tasks. It’s for this reason that their owners must pay close attention to every little detail. 

Fun activities

Ragdolls are energetic creatures that will benefit from having a variety of toys accessible to them. Because cats are not good climbers, cat trees should be placed near the ground level. This kind of cat does not need a great deal of additional physical exercise. They will very certainly spend most of their time lazing about, with occasional bursts of play and energy interspersed between naps.

Such cats are frequently simple to train. They may be trained to answer when called, collect toys, and engage in other entertaining activities, among other things. They’re also usually quite quick to pick up on the essentials, like how to utilize scratch posts and litter boxes, once they get their hands on them. Reinforcement, treats, as well as praise assist these people-loving cats in learning new skills and habits throughout their training process.

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