Vancouver in Canada is one of the widely populated cities and is home to one of the world’s most recognized brands – Apple. With a population of 646,772, Vancouver is the largest Canadian metropolitan area, at the west of Toronto. As with any city, the inhabitants are bound to break or damage their iPhones.

With iPhone screen repair being the most common Apple service, the question often arises how much does it cost to get my phone fixed?

This article will explain how iPhone screen repair Vancouver works.

Services Offered by iPhone Repairing Company

According to reports, many young students in Vancouver received an Apple iPhone to access online resources better, and the set also helped keep them connected to friends and family. The ever-increasing demand for Apple iPhone screen repair in Vancouver can be attributed to the number of such users.

Here are the top services offered by the service company.

1) They Will Inspect the Damaged iPhone

The first thing that the Apple store would do is to inspect the damage. This process determines what is wrong with the device and how much the repair cost.

The checking process involves the following:

a) Is the Model Supported by the Service Provider?

The appropriate service provider will be determined depending upon the iPhone model. For example, an iPhone 6s model will require a different service provider than an iPhone 6 model.

b) Is the Screen Damaged?

The representative would inspect for any visible damage. Visible damages may include scratches, chips, cracks, and other defects on the screen. The representative will note any visible damage to determine how much to charge for the repair.

c) Is the Body Damaged?

The technician or representative would proceed with the checking process by investigating any damage on the phone’s body. It would include any indentation or damage to the device’s body.

d) Does It Need a New Screen?

The representative would check further with a light meter to determine whether the problem is deeper inside. If the phone requires a new screen, the process would be reviewed to determine the appropriate screen.

e) Does It Need a New Back Panel?

The technician will further inspect the phone to determine whether it requires a new back panel. If there is any crack on the back of the phone, this would also require a replacement.

2) They Will Provide the Pricing Information

Once they have determined an issue with your phone, the representative will provide you with a price estimation.

The price of the screen replacement does not include labor costs. According to reports, most iPhone screens can be fixed with a small fee, although some models require a more significant expense.

3) Repairs Are Completed

If the iPhone user agrees to have their phone carried in for repair, the customer would be provided with a scheduled date for when they can expect to receive their phone.

They will be provided with a warranty to cover the quality of the iPhone screen replacement. The technician will replace the broken component with a new one. It usually includes replacing both the glass and the display.


iPhone screen repair in Vancouver is a common practice. Having your iPhone screen broken may impair the everyday usage of your phone. If you require some assistance, you can visit a licensed repair store near you.


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