I’m a huge fan of bal Krishna. He’s a legend, a legend of sorts, in the world of Indian film. His music is a classic and he’s a brilliant director. His films have been classics for many years and they are still a great deal of fun to watch.

Bal Krishna is a great dancer and actress. His films are as much a spectacle as they are a story. It would be interesting to see him try to make a film that is a story with the characters we know, instead of a spectacle of the characters we don’t know. That would be a fun one to watch.

Heres a great interview with him by a friend of ours. Ive seen his movies, but hes only been a director for a few years and we dont know a lot about him. The guy doesnt say much of anything but he is a very interesting man, and a very nice guy. Hes a great guy and hes a wonderful dancer. Its a shame we dont get to see more of him.

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