blogHow To Gain Mixology Toronto ?

How To Gain Mixology Toronto ?

Mixology Toronto is an excellent bartending school that offers their students the opportunity to learn the art of mixology. The mixologist creates, mixes and serves drinks in a bar or restaurant. The art of mixology includes making tasty cocktails, as well as being knowledgeable about wines and beer. The mixologist gains experience through working in a bar or restaurant. This is the only way to learn if you have the passion and commitment they require, and be sure to have fun while doing it!

While training at Mixology Toronto School, you will learn how to properly make cocktails as well as specialise in drinks that appeal to customers. You will gain plenty of knowledge about wine and beer. You will also learn about the various equipment used in making cocktails as well as how to handle them safely.

How many students are placed in a class?

There are no more than 3 students per class. This is to ensure that each student receives the attention they need to feel comfortable throughout the course and learn new skills. One of our top priorities at Mixology Toronto is to make sure that all students feel involved and supported by our instructors. All students receive equal attention during class time and have the opportunity to ask any questions or for advice about their career choice as a mixologist.

What is the instructor-student ratio?

A mixologist instructor is on hand for every class. This keeps all students as comfortable as possible and ensures that each student receives the recommended attention. Our instructors are trained by Mixology Toronto in their own specialised area of expertise, including; beer and wine, food selection and preparation, ingredients, bar equipment and safety procedures.

What is the expectation of the student?

Students are expected to be interested in learning more about their craft so they come prepared to participate in class discussions both at the beginning of each class and throughout our curriculum. Students are also required to learn how to work with a team approach because it will enhance what they learn when working with other professionals.

Can I choose my location for the Mixology Toronto class?

Students are required to take the class at the location of their choice. Our instructors will teach students anywhere in Canada. For example, some students may choose to study in Vancouver while others may prefer Toronto. Some may wish to work in a bar or restaurant located in Calgary while others may want to work at one located in Quebec City. It is completely up to each individual student and where they feel most comfortable with learning their skills as a bartender and/or mixologist.

Are there any physical requirements?

There is no physical requirement for enrolling in our bartenders mixology program, however we do expect that every student that enrols to be committed to their studies and enrollment agreement. It is important that every Mixology Toronto student has the opportunity to learn from an instructor and have fun doing it! We have the necessary equipment for each student enrolled in our program which may include weight scales, bottles of liquor for mixing, glassware etc.

What are the requirements to enrol as a student at Mixology Toronto?

You must be of legal drinking age. We do not accept students who have been convicted for any alcohol related offences. You must be a minimum of 18 years of age. The law requires that you complete your applications and attend a mandatory orientation before beginning the program. Both parents, guardians or other responsible adults (parents, friends, employers etc.) must sign the enrollment form for each student enrolled in our program.

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