Two Colliding Objects A collision could occur when the distance decreases and bearing, which is the angle between an object’s path and another object’s path.

The two objects will collide if they are on a collision course.

This can result in either one or both of the objects being destroyed or damaged.

A collision can also occur if the two objects are on a parallel course, and one of them changes speed or direction.

Collisions could be caused by things like:

Weather conditions (fog), visibility issues (darkness), and obstacles in the way that were not accounted for when planning out your route.

Another cause is pilot error where pilots may have flown their aircraft into each other without realizing it was happening until they collided with something else after such as another plane or a mountain.

Pilots need to always watch what’s going on around them so that they avoid collisions at all cost!

If you’re traveling over an area with mountains, valleys, hillsides, bodies of water and/or forests; these natural features.


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