A cataract is a cloudiness that develops in the lens of your eye.

It’s usually caused by aging and can affect one or both eyes, but it doesn’t always lead to blindness.

Cataracts are most common in people after the age of 55, though they do happen at other ages too.

The best way to have them removed is with surgery called a cataract extraction – which we can help you learn more about! Are you interested in learning more?

Yes! What is a Cataract? No, I’m good.

Thanks for explaining though. You can read about cataracts in this blog post – it’s all you need to know!

Since the lens becomes cloudy, your eye may not be able to focus on images and colors as well as before – but don’t worry there are treatments that help with these symptoms too.

One of these procedures is called ClearLens Extraction surgery which reshapes the cornea so light focuses more directly on your retina and improves vision without glasses or contact lenses.

Why wait until they’re severe enough to warrant surgery? You might want to talk with one of our doctors now if you haven’t had an eye exam recently.


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