You’re on a low-sodium diet and you need to drink something.

What should you do? Well, that all depends on what your doctor recommends.

If he or she has given the go ahead for juice, then we would advise against it.

Juice is typically high in sodium and other ingredients that are not allowed on a 2-gram sodium diet.

If your doctor has not given the go-ahead for juice, then you’re in luck! You can still drink plenty of different drinks. One great option is seltzer with lemon or lime.

Seltzers are typically low in sodium and have lots of other benefits like increased hydration levels, weight loss support, and mood improvement.

Another good option would be to make a big pitcher of iced tea – this will also provide some caffeine boost if that’s what you need right now too!

If water isn’t doing it for you then we recommend flavored waters (depending on if they contain any added sugar).

Fruit medleys such as apple cinnamon infused water work well because they taste delicious without being high in calories or sugars; plus.


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