A client is given theophylline to treat acute asthma symptoms.

Which food should they avoid? Read on for an answer.

In some cases, people who take theophylline (an asthma treatment) may be told by their doctor that they need to avoid certain foods while taking this medication. The reasons why a person might have to avoid specific foods can vary depending on what type of medicine they are prescribed and how it works in their body.

asthma, inhaler, aerosol @ Pixabay

In general, however, people who take theophylline should avoid foods or drinks that contain caffeine. The reason for this is because caffeine actually increases the effects of the medication and can cause some side effects like insomnia or increased heart rate.

Foods with a lot of Vitamin C are also not advised – while it’s unclear exactly why they need to be avoided, studies have found links between high doses of vitamin c and an increase in adverse reactions when taken by someone taking asthma medications like theophylline.

In addition to these examples, there may be other types of food that must be avoided if you’re prescribed certain treatments for your symptoms; check with your doctor before eating anything new so as to make sure nothing will interact negatively.


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