blog918Kiss: The Social Media App for Gaming

918Kiss: The Social Media App for Gaming

918Kiss is a new social media app. It was created for gamers and aspiring gamers as a way to connect with people in the same community online. The app lets you join communities, find friends, and discover new games. Whether you are looking for non-competitive games that can be fun with your friends or just want to hit the headlines and win big on your favorite game, 918Kiss has the best apps for all of these goals.

Its games are free and games can be played either PvP or in a friendly Facebook-like environment. Just like on Facebook, you can see the inputs of your friends and know that some of them are just as excited about the game as you are. Here, in a place to find friends, meet people online and promote yourself, users become their own broadcasters. With 918Kiss’ innovative social gaming app, gamers will be transformed into social media stars!

The long-anticipated 918Kiss App is finally on Android Market (now taking signups). The objective is to take our application to tablets in the next few months. We have actively sought a tablet solution and expect it to be available soon.

918Kiss is also planning to launch an iOS version of the app in the near future.

918Kiss is the brainchild of the gaming industry, to bridge the communication gap between gamers, and establish a community where gaming professionals can be acknowledged. It has been designed and developed by people who have been in the game for almost 20 years.

Kicking out some of the longest-standing games like Poker and Blackjack after carefully studying them over a period of time, we have come up with 6 games that many would consider being one-of-a-kind.

One of those games is called “Ring The Bell”. In this game, you get to face off against another player while putting everything on the line. The winner is the first to run out of chips, check below for more details.

Another of the games is called “51”. This game has you sit at a poker table with other 9 players, all with varying stakes in the pot. You will be playing against all of them, not just one of them.

“918 Fierceness” has you at a table with 3 other people where your aim is to get 4 Twos in your hand or one Two and three Aces. Whoever gets that, wins all the chips. If you get 4 Twos and no Aces, you will lose all your chips.

We have also come up with a game called “Pokedex”, where the goal is to take down opponents in a number of different ways using cards with unique effects.

We have also designed a game called “Dice”. Players will be pitted against each other, one has to get at least 5 Twos while the other has to get at least 6 tens in their hands before they both run out of chips.

The last game we have designed is called “Jackpot”. In this game, you get to play against a player using a unique card that has 4 types of symbols on it – Diamond, Club, Heart, and Spade. Both the players get a card each. The player who bids higher will win the hand and take all the chips from both players. You can only win once in this game.

After each round of games is over, you will be able to send messages to other players who have played with you during that session. If you have played against them, you can send a request to add them as your friends. You can also choose to become their fan by checking ‘Yes’ on their Profile Page.

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