Cities have been under the threat of terrorism for years.

In recent years, terrorist attacks like 9/11 and Paris are on everyone’s mind. We always say that it cannot happen to us in our own city. But what if you’re wrong? What if we do not take this seriously?

This is a post about how to prevent terroristic threats by taking action now before it is too late!

In the event of a disaster, get out. We have seen what happens when people stay in their homes during natural disasters: looting and violence.

If you happen to be at home or work when this occurs, make sure your family knows where they need to go as well so that nobody gets left behind.

A good rule of thumb may also be if there are more than two different routes possible for evacuation (perhaps one near water and other not).

Find an alternate route just in case something should hinder your original plan on the way out – always have another option planned if needed! The rules generally apply here for most public.


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