What would you do with an extra 8500 a year?

For many people, that is the kind of money they are looking for.

The hours don’t even need to be consecutive; they can be split up into chunks and fit into your schedule. That’s because this is what one person earns by working just 4 hours each week, in their own home office!

The article goes on to discuss how anyone can make an hourly rate of $85,00 or more online without leaving their house. What you can do with a $85,00 hourly rate:

Buy a brand new house in the suburbs for cash without taking out any mortgage.

Your monthly payments would be around $100 that’s only about 17 hours of work at your job!

Go on vacation every month when it fits into your schedule and never worry about paying off debt or saving up for retirement.

Take care of all the expenses needed to run your household so there is more money available each week to pay down debts or save towards future goals like college tuition.

With an extra 85K a year, life becomes much less stressful as we know our needs are taken care of while still being able to enjoy time together.


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