The Doctor is back and this time he’s in 8 bit form!

The Cybermen are his enemies, but they’re not as menacing as you might think.

They’ve been up to no good for a while now. What if the Cybermen got revenge on humans? Would it matter who was president of the US?

Read on to find out more about what happens when the Cybermen get their hands on all those nuclear bombs from Dr. Who and the Daleks’ Battle of Canary Wharf!

In the year 2525, what if a planet is being threatened by the Daleks? Read on to find out more about this.

The Doctor has been up to no good for a while now. What if he’s just discovered something dangerous and needs your help? Find out in our blog post! (insert title).

Ever since the Cybermen first appeared in Dr Who they have been wreaking havoc with their robo-bombs and cyborg armies.. but are they really as terrifying as you might think?

After all, these particular cybernetic creatures were once human beings themselves before turning into emotionless killing machines armed with laser guns that can blow people up from any distance at will.


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