Welcome to Roanoke Valley, Virginia!

As you travel along 7900 Clayton Parkway in Roanoke, VA 24019, you will find that the area is full of natural beauty.

The Blue Ridge Mountains surround the valley and create a picturesque landscape for outdoor recreationists. This blog post is all about exploring this beautiful region and what it has to offer.

The Roanoke Valley is home to Virginia’s most visited attraction, Carvins Cove.

This national recreation area has over 40 miles of trails that are open year-round for hiking and biking.

The overlook at the top offers views of not just the valley but also a large portion of Tennessee across the state line on the other side.

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Hiking along scenic trails can be an enjoyable pastime any time of year with moderate temperatures and low humidity levels in autumn through spring months (November – April).

In summer when it gets hot out there, you can always find somewhere cool off like one our many waterfalls or lakes!

There are plenty of amazing places to go within this region including Serendipity Falls


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