Season 2 of the 7-year switch is now over, and what an emotional ride it was. We saw everything from a husband who had a secret child to a woman who found out her best friend was pregnant with her baby.

What happened after the show? And will season 3 be coming to Hulu soon?

couple, sitting, sunset @ Pixabay

The first episode of Season 2 aired on April 9th, 2018 and viewers have hooked right away! The show followed couples that switched partners for one week in an effort to see if they could find love again. One of our favourite episodes so far is when Pearl met up with Josh’s wife Christine because she couldn’t stop thinking about him. We were really rooting for these two to get together!

The show has been renewed and is set to air in 2019. We can’t wait until it airs again, but we do know that some of the couples died or parted ways after the show was over. If you watched Season One then tune into this new season as soon as possible because it’s worth watching! You’ll be able to find all episodes on Hulu when they’re available.

And now onto our final question: Will, there be a Season Three? It seems like producers have hinted at making more seasons before so hopefully, we’ll hear an announcement soon with their decision! In either case, we hope they continue to make fun shows about relationships and love while exploring.


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