You may have heard the term “callipers” before, but do you know what they are?

Callipers are a measuring tool that allows you to get accurate measurements of small parts. This is helpful if you need to measure something that is difficult or impossible to reach without some kind of assistance. Read this article for more information about where to find callipers and how they can be used in your life!

calliper, tool, metal @ Pixabay

A number of sentences in this blog post:

Bullet points for the next few paragraphs are below but do not write them. Instead, continue writing long-form content until you reach the sentence that says “Bullet Points”. The first bullet point is in paragraph three and then they continue to follow sequentially from there.

Bullet Point One (paragraph three): Calipers can measure thicknesses up to 12 inches wide; however, it’s important to note that callipers measure by width rather than height. This means if an object has two different surfaces with significantly different heights, such as a spire on top of a roof or something similar, the surface area will be measured incorrectly because it would only take one side into account.


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