No one knows for sure what attracts zombies to a location. Theories include noise, smell and light. It’s hard to know exactly how these things attract zombies because they are not alive in the first place!

zombies, undead, monster @ Pixabay

But we have some great theories about whether or not torches attract zombies. The answer is yes, but it depends on how you use them. Torches can attract zombies in two ways. The first is if they are lit and seen from a distance, but the second way is much more detrimental to your well-being: when you use them as a weapon, whether by swiping at enemies or throwing them.

The first kind of torch that attracts zombies will only work when it’s on fire – this is because the light of the flame (and other lights) draws their attention towards whatever source created it..allowing for an easy kill! If you’re not using your torches as weapons though, then lighting one up won’t make any difference. But be careful about what you do with those fiery terrors! You don’t want to accidentally set yourself on fire while trying to fend.


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