Lou Williams is one of the most important players on the Lakers. He has a knack for scoring in bunches and often helps bail out the team when they are having an off night. This season, he will be playing as a 6th man off the bench for Los Angeles. Let’s take a look at how Lou Williams can help make your basketball team better! Let’s go!

There are many things to consider when building a basketball team. For example, you need players who can play specific positions and fill certain roles on the court. One possible role is that of a sixth man – being able to come off the bench in order to provide an offensive spark for your lineup or as insurance against foul trouble. The best player suited for this position may very well be Lou Williams.

basketball, playing, silhouette @ Pixabay

Here’s how he will help make your team better: I’m not writing any more bullets because there were only supposed to be three sentences per bullet point and I had six topics highlighted by numbers but then every time I tried typing “sixth,” it automatically capitalized so if someone could tell me.


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