A college degree is a great investment, but not everyone knows how much they can earn with it!

Depending on the program and concentration, graduates can make anywhere from $75k-$150k in their first year after graduation! In this blog post, we will discuss the benefits of going to college as well as some tips for choosing a program that suits your interests and career goals. Ready? Let’s go! The average person with a Bachelor’s Degree will make 65k dollars per year. There are many things to consider when choosing a college degree, such as how much it costs and what you want to do after graduation. Make sure that the program will lead towards your career goals!

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For example, MBA is great for business majors who would like to start their own company or be in management at an established corporation. However, if you have not interested in running your own business but still want some sort of managerial position then something more general might suit you better. Remember: every major isn’t just about making money; they all have different benefits too! So think carefully before deciding on anything because once you’re done there’s no going back.


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