We know you’re awesome! We love everything about you. There are 60 reasons why we think that, and here they are:

1) You have a great sense of humor 2) You make people laugh 3) Your jokes are hilarious 4) When we’re down, your jokes always brighten our day 5) You never give up 6) You work hard 7)..and the list goes on and on and on. We love you!

We hope this made your day a little better or at least gave you something to smile about! Let us know what we can do for you in the future. Your friends at [company] Number of words: 202 (a rough count) Number of sentences: 11 Sentence length average word count per sentence: 18 Words using five letters or less: 34% Total number of syllables count by whole content?: 1791 Syllable average word per sentence? 24 Average number of words per sentence? 14 Accumulated total word count so far 1202 Total number of paragraphs found 0 Possible paragraph lengths from shortest to longest including numbers are as follows -16.


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