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6 Fail-Proof Ways to Drive Organic Traffic

We all must be aware of the value of SEO to drive organic traffic to a website. However, given the changes made to Google’s ranking algorithm, we can understand why many people feel clueless about what works and what doesn’t.

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While keywords and paid links are important for organic reach, they are not the only factors. Organic traffic is primarily determined by the quality of content on a website. Here are some ways for you to generate organic traffic.

Work on Your Influencer Outreach Strategy

Treat your industry as one big online community. We are all in it together so it is better to be helpful to each other. Reaching out to influencers can be initially very intimidating. However, once you get an influencer on board, your job will get easier.

Another way to catch the attention of influencers is to give them a mention in your content. Be sure to inform them as well once you mention them. They may link your content or even publish a tweet about it.

Join Conversations in Facebook Groups

There are numerous groups on Facebook for practically every niche. Join groups that are relevant to your niche and engage with members of those groups.

Try to get friendly with the admins of your targeted Facebook groups. This will give you a chance to become the preferred content provider for those pages. Apart from attracting better online traffic, you will also start getting recognized, enjoy a better reputation, and most of all, get internet fame.

Find Out What the Competition Is Doing

There are so many websites competing for online traffic. It must be difficult to compete in this environment. So do you beat the competition?

There are many online resources, like Ahrefs, where you can check the number of backlinks created by any website. You can use them to check which websites created links to your competitors’ websites. Perhaps you can do what your competitors did to get your backlinks.

Remember that when you reach out to other bloggers, you should have something to offer to them in exchange. At the very least, you can offer to link back to their website. However, if you create great engaging content, you will get backlinks even without asking.

Guest Post on High DA Platforms

If you are struggling to broaden the reach of your blog, then the best thing to do would be to write guest blogs across various platforms. Guest blogging is a great way to share new ideas and content with your audience.

When you guest blog, you should be allowed to have at least one link in your bio or copy back to your website or blog. If the platform denies you this, you might be dealing with a content farm, not a website where you want your name to appear.

Guest posting is a good tactic to attract a high volume of traffic in the long term. You will get a lot more than just occasional clicks to your blogs. This will also help in improving your domain authority.

Go Visual

Having only text in your content will make it look very dry and boring. Infographics and other visuals can help break this monotony.

Infographics have a visual appeal and are filled with well-researched information that people find valuable. People prefer infographics over plain text because it helps in better understanding the content and is easier to remember.

Infographics and other visual content are also more likely to be shared than full-length articles. So this will help your website broaden its reach. Because they are bit-sized, people get enough time to read them. You can receive information at a glance through infographics. Apart from that, infographics will grab the attention of your audience, that too in no time. 

Play the Long-Term Game

When conducting keyword research, keep those keywords in mind that will bring value to your business and website. Long-tail keywords tend to be more popular than short-tail keywords. Although they are harder to work with, they sound much better than short-tail keywords. For example, “how to write a great blog” will attract more traffic than just “great blog.”

Instructional content, like how-to blogs, tends to generate a high volume of traffic. People are always searching for ways to do different things. These articles provide them with answers to what they are seeking.

You will also need to make changes to your old content. You should make sure if any backlinks are mentioned in your old content, then they should still be active. If you have written a research blog 5 years back, then you will need to edit it to account for changes that may have occurred during this time. You can also update old content by adding any new ideas that you may have come up with. The more words your content will have, the more organic traffic it will attract.

Summing Up

You may try to purchase links to promote your content. However, nothing is more effective than having high-quality content that will attract organic online traffic. Follow the tips mentioned here to help you get a higher volume of organic traffic for your online content.

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