Do you eat the ears or feet first? It turns out that most people chow down on the ears of a chocolate bunny before moving onto its feet. In fact, 59% of people surveyed said they ate the head first. The head? Well, yes. Some people believe that the first piece of chocolate in a bunny is its nose and so they start there. The second most popular place to eat starts with an “e” sound: ears. That’s right–the tops are removed from the bunnies before packing them into boxes for Easter, which means you’ll have no choice but to finish up by eating the feet (or back legs). About 34% of survey respondents said they ate their way through starting at the ears. Maybe it was because these parts were easier to get off than those on top or maybe it just sounded more appealing without any context clues about how long this process might take; either way, ears came out ahead as favorites among adults


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