Give or take a few thousand dollars, the average American makes $58,00 a year. That’s $29.25 an hour for those of you who prefer to do math in your head! In order to make this much, you typically need a bachelor’s degree. In 2018, the median annual salary for someone with a bachelors is $60,00. And if we go by hourly wage? That’s an income of about $31 per hour on average! Next time your coworker whines about how they only get paid ten bucks an hour at their minimum-wage job (which would be around 60k annually), take solace in knowing that most people who have four years of college under their belt are earning more than them right now! *References: * – Bureau of Labor Statistics American Time Use Survey data from 2017 and 2016 show that Americans spend just over two hours participating in various household management activities per day. – Bureau of Labor Statistics data from 2017 show that median annual earnings for a person with an undergraduate or associate degree is $56,00 (or about $27/hour). – The U.S Department of Health and Human Services’ poverty guidelines are based on the dollar amount required to cover basic needs—including food, clothing, shelter and utilities—for a specific family size in various locations across the country. For 2018, this number was set at $16,750 annually ($830 monthly) for one adult living alone; add another roughly 33% (to account for other expenses not included among those deemed necessary by HHS such as savings or investments) to determine your daily income needed if you have depend


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