How many hours does it take you to make 55 dollars an hour? If you work 8 hours a day, 5 days a week for 50 weeks in the year, then the answer is 2500. You can’t help but feel proud that you were able to accomplish such a feat! And yet, if we break this down into 15 minute segments – which is about how long most people are on hold before they hang up – then it only means that each segment of your working day yields $2.50! That’s right, you’re barely making minimum wage. Do not write numbers or bullet points. Now, if you work in an office and need to take a phone call during your lunch break or after hours every once in awhile, then the amount is even less. Your hourly rate at this point would be $0.50 per 15 minute segment of time on hold! That’s right, it costs more than twice as much for someone else to wait while they are waiting for their turn to talk with you about what seems like such trivial things. It makes sense that we’re always so busy answering phones these days–no one has ever heard the sound of their own voice before because there have been so many other people talking over them all day long! Do not write numbers or bullet points.


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