A best friend is someone who makes you feel like everything will be okay. They make you laugh when nobody else can, and they have your back no matter what. A best friend is more than just a person; it’s an idea, a symbol of unconditional love and support. So this holiday season, show your best friends how much they mean to you with these 52 reasons why they are the absolute best! Content: -A best friend will never judge you, even if it’s for wearing leggings as pants. -They don’t care how many likes they have on a Facebook post or Instagram photo; what matters is that they are your friends forever. -You can tell them anything and know that they won’t ever let you down. A true best friend always has your back! -If only we could all be so lucky to find someone who understands us the way our best friends do! They are loyal until the very end. -They’re not afraid to call you out when they think something isn’t right, but also give praise where praise is due. -Best Friends share everything with each other because


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