It’s amazing how much we know, and yet how little about ourselves. We all carry this knowledge around with us everyday, but for some reason it is hard to articulate the thoughts that are in our heads. In my life I’ve learned a lot of things from observing others, reading books, and just living. If there is one thing I want you to take away from this blog post it would have to be “you’re not alone.” -Always be polite. Say please and thank you, offer your seat to the elderly or pregnant woman in public transportation, hold open doors for people behind you or oncoming traffic if they have their hands full (and are not angry looking), let someone go ahead of you when stopping at an intersection with no stop sign. Be a gentleman first; others will notice your mannerisms and appreciate it. I hope this list helps give some insight into what I believe is important knowledge that every man should know about life so far. The most difficult thing we can do sometimes is express our feelings openly but learning how to communicate more effectively does wonders for one’s self esteem! It always feels good knowing who you really are inside, which end up


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