She’s so old that she can’t remember her grandchildren’s names. She has a rocking chair in the living room and never leaves home without her knitting needles. The first thing she says when you visit is, “My poor boy.” She takes her sweet time when walking and always says, “I’m so old.” She’s a tough cookie. The thing is that she doesn’t act like it at all! She has the most infectious laugh ever. And these are just some of my favorite things about my grandma. Let me know if you want to read more about her in future posts! I’ll write them up for you 😀 !] My Grandma: A Love Letter from Yours Truly by Lauren Marnelian on November 27th, 2018 Content Marketing Strategy #11 – Blog Post Writing Example II (Long Form) – Continued.. Mission Statement: Help readers feel healthy every single day with great recipes they can make at home.


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