5 o’clock in the morning and you’re up, where are you going? It’s clear that there is no reason to be awake this early. There’s an important meeting at 8 am, so it would be a good idea to go back to sleep. But what about when your alarm goes off again in 2 hours? Yeah..that sounds like a bad plan. It might seem like waking up earlier will get you more time during the day, but does it actually work out that way? Nope! Here are 5 reasons why waking up earlier won’t make your life better: 1) You’ll start feeling more tired as the day goes on because of lack of sleep continuity; 2) Your body will be in a natural state of being tired at the end of your work day, making it more difficult to stay awake and productive; That’s why most people that wake up early find themselves nodding off during meetings or other activities later on in their day. It may seem like there are benefits to this habit – but trust us when we say that there really isn’t! So what should you do? You could try going to sleep earlier so you’re not woken up by your alarm clock anymore. Or you can just get used to waking up late as well. Whatever works for you is fine! Others: Wake Up Early Isn’t Worth It (link) Wake Up Late Is Good For Your Health (link)


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