5 minutes should be plenty of time to complete a task. Take any given task and break it down into 5 minute increments, and you’ll find that even the most daunting tasks become manageable. It’s not just about being efficient, though. You can use your newfound free time for more enjoyable activities like spending with friends or watching TV! The first five minutes of the task should be dedicated to planning out what needs to happen. This can involve breaking down larger tasks into smaller ones, or setting a timer for how long each portion should take. The next block of time (another five minutes) is spent on executing your plan and finishing the work you set out to do during that time frame. For instance, if you have an hour-long project in front of you and are doing it over a two day period then spend 20 minutes today and 40 minutes tomorrow. If at any point while working you get stuck or feel like something isn’t going as planned, don’t panic! It’s ok not to complete every single minute within one interval; just keep track of where


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