In this blog post, we will list 5 minecraft youtubers who have sworn to play the game in a more safe way and swear less. We will also provide links to their channels so that you can check out how they do it. * [[user:TheGamerKidHD]] * [[user:PewDiePie]] *[[user:SkyDoesMinecraft]] ~~ ~~ ~~ ** (and what they say)** ** **(explains why he swore less)** *[[User:Vikkstar123 – The Official Vikkstar Channel]], and finally, the most recent addition is [[user:/r/videos|The_SyndicateProject. ]] They swear a little more but that’s because of their channel name. Their username on YouTube is “R Syndicate.” This says it all! R standing for ra-ra or rioting and Syndicating meaning to broadcast in order to get out information about a protest, revolt or other issue. * *[[User:MunchingBrotato]]. This is the person who follows [[user:/r/videos|The_SyndicateProject]] on YouTube and has a channel called “Bro.” He swore in one of his videos saying something like “I’m going to have an angry fit when I see this!” but it’s not as bad as what you might hear if you followed them around irl (in real life). His account name is BrotatoMunchkin for some reason. * *[[User:TeamCodex]], he doesn’t swear very often, maybe once every few months or so! But he did mention that time someone used the


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