Gaming has been a popular form of entertainment for many years now. From kids to adults, gaming has never lost its appeal. One of the most popular games right now is Fortnite, and there are countless gamers worldwide who spend hours playing this game every day. The thing about video games is that they can be addictive – some people have even called them “the new drugs.” This isn’t just hyperbole either: addiction to video games can lead to psychiatric problems such as depression and anxiety, not to mention social isolation from friends and family members. To help you avoid these negative side effects, here’s a list of five YouTube personalities who have sworn off Fortnite! -Lachlan, aka Jacksepticeye (over 20 million subscribers) -Nathaniel Bandy (over 750 thousand followers on Twitter and over 500 thousand followers on Instagram) -TommyNC2010 (almost 900 thousand subscribers on YouTube) -iDubbzTV(roughly 440.00 fans in Reddit’s r/gaming subreddit community)  and..’’ says that PewDiePie has sworn off Fortnite too!  This video game is making people swear up a storm! The last sentence doesn’t make sense because he hasn’t told us whether or not this guy swore of fortnite yet? Should I put


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