How much does a doctor in the USA make? That’s what you want to know, right?

Well, according to data from and other sources, it looks like on average a doctor in the United States makes about $188 per hour. But that number can vary depending on factors such as where they live or if they are an intern or resident.

The data comes from which reports that doctors make on average $188 per hour with a range of $105-$220 for all medical specialities. The site also has salary information by state and region, as well as by specialities such as family medicine or paediatrics.

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For example, in Colorado, the mean hourly wage is $210 while New York’s is just under at about $170 an hour. Interns are making less than their experienced colleagues but still come out to be over six figures annually–$104/hour in San Francisco and nearly $100/hour in Dallas according to numbers (those rates go up if you’re talking about residency).


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