It’s a depressing perspective. Behind the scenes of many successful people, there is usually an individual who has worked hard to make their company succeed. And it takes time and effort to work your way up from the bottom to success.

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Most people don’t start with millions in investments or inheriting wealth as some lucky few do. If you’re not at this level yet, know that you can achieve it! In fact, if you follow these strategies for success, your conversion rate will increase exponentially and then you’ll be earning 4200 an hour too!

The blog post is about how some people are earning 4200 an hour. It’s a depressing perspective because most of the time, behind successful people there is usually somebody who worked hard to make their company succeed and it takes time for someone to work up from the bottom to success. In this article, I’m going to talk about what it means when someone earns $42k per year after tax.


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