Counsellors are people who help others through difficult times. They can be a great resource for those in need of emotional support, guidance, and advice.

In this blog post, we will take a look at 40 techniques that every counsellor should know!

Cognitive behavioural therapy is an evidence-based approach that helps people identify negative thoughts and behaviours. Many counsellors use this technique in their sessions to help clients change the way they feel about themselves or situations they face. Mapping out goals can also be a useful tool for identifying what you want from life as well as mapping out steps towards achieving those goals, which will lead to greater self-assurance.

Clients often find it helpful to talk with someone who has experienced similar issues before so sharing stories of how others have overcome difficult times may provide inspiration for your client!

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Counsellors are skilled listeners; whether through active listening or reflective listening techniques, being able to listen effectively without judgment allows them to better understand what their clients need.


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