This is a blog post about 40 of what number is 80. We will explore the math so that you can understand how it works. A lot of people ask this question because it can seem confusing.

For example, if you see 40*40=1600 and 80*80=-6400 then we know which is the larger number but others don’t understand why that’s true.

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We’ll try to make it clearer with an explanation below! We start by looking at how many numbers are in each equation:

There are four (in “40”) and eight (in “80”). If we multiply these together then we get 3200 for the first one and 6400 for the second one.

Now let’s compare them side-by-side: You should quickly notice that the difference between 20400 and 76200 is greater than 200 so this tells us what is larger. This should give you a better understanding of how to determine which number is larger if they are in the same base and have different exponents, but what about when that’s not true? We’ll explore it below!

If you see 40*40=1600 and 80*80=-6400 then we know which one is the larger number because there are more numbers in 1600 than -6400. It would be hard for someone who doesn’t understand math well to figure this out on their own so hopefully, our explanation helped clear things up. If these questions ever come up again, try comparing them side-by-side as discussed earlier or looking at the exponent difference.


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