A book club is a great way to have fun, learn something new, and make friends. Book clubs are also an excellent way to get the kids to read more.

What if you’re looking for a book club of your own?

If you’ve got 315 people in mind, we can help! We’ll discuss 4/15 of the members first: there are 115 female members and 100 male members in this particular group. That leaves 210 people who haven’t been assigned yet- they could be either male or female!

read book club med, girls, the study @ Pixabay

Next Sentence: We’re going to do the math for you though- there are 135 female members and 100 male members in this book club. That means that 15% of the membership is made up of men but 85% is made up of women! The blog post content should end here at sentence four with a break.


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