The average American makes $37,00 per year. What does that mean for an hourly wage?

Well, if you want to know how much money you will make? Every hour on the job, it is about $20.

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That means if the average worker takes two weeks of vacation and two weeks of sick days in a year, they are working for less than $10 an hour. If you’re like most people and work 8 hours a day, then your salary equates to just over $5 an hour! What does this mean for your paycheck? If you are working for an hourly wage, then the hours that you work will determine. How much of a raise or bonus you’ll get at the end of the year. The average salary is around $37,00 per year ($20 dollars per hour). But if they take two weeks off in a row. They don’t make any more than in their annual salary ($37k). During those days, it can be calculated to be only $13.60/hour!


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