The 37-hour workweek is a common goal for many people working in the workplace. It’s also been an ideal. It has been pursued by social movements around the world. But how much time do you really spend at work each year? One way to calculate this figure is to divide your annual salary by your hourly wage, and then multiply it by 40 hours per week. (which is generally considered full-time). So if you earn $25/hour and are paid $50,00 annually, then you will have spent about 18 months of the year at work!

This calculation is a good way to put your work time in perspective, but it’s not the only one.

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If you are self-employed and have no income, then what do you earn from your business. Then dividing how much money you make each year by the number of hours per week. You spend on average working will provide an equivalent measure. So if someone earns $150,00 annually at a rate of $75/hour (or equating to 25 weeks worked) they will have spent about 18 months out of the 52 weeks available for them doing their job! By looking at these measures we can see just how important it is to be mindful when spending our precious days and years being productive. It should also help us realize that.


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