We all know what an hour is. It’s sixty minutes, right? But how much money does that really equate to? This post will discuss the average hourly wage in America and show you just how far your money can go if you work a regular 8-hour day for one year. The average American salary is 37 00 per year.

The hourly wage for this income ranges from $16.77 to $35.83, depending on the state you live in and whether or not you are an employer or employee. This means that if someone has a 40-hour work week at minimum wage of $11/hr, they would make about $2280 each month before taxes (about 26% tax rate). But what does it all mean? We’ll take a look below! Hourly Wage: Depending where your residence falls within the United States can affect how much money one makes per hour as well as their potential monthly earnings after taxes based on some factors such as employment status, number of hours worked weekly, etc


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