Good manners have always been an important part of any individual’s life as it helps them to be more respected and liked by others. It can also help children develop a sense of responsibility, discipline, and self-confidence. As parents, we sometimes forget that teaching good manners is not just something that happens once or twice in a child’s life. Teaching these skills must happen every single day for 365 days! Good manners can play an important role in a child’s life. – Good manners can give children self-confidence and help them to be more respected by others. – Teaching good manners is not something that should only happen once or twice in someone’s life; it needs to happen every single day for 365 days! – Some of the many things we teach our kids everyday are saying please, thank you, sorry, excuse me, etc. The words “please” and “thank you” are said so often throughout the course of a day without much thought put into their meaning but these two simple phrases have helped countless people get what they want from other humans each and every time. They also make us feel better


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