The Trashy 35 qt trash can is designed to be a great addition to your home!

The lid opens with one hand, and the built-in handles make it easy for you to move this garbage receptacle. This trash can also has wheels so that you don’t have to carry it around when moving it from place to place. There are a lot of things you could buy for around $50.00, but this garbage can is going to be one that will last the longest and get used every day!

These cans come in different colors so there’s something perfect for everyone. The Trashy 35 qt trash can is designed to be able to keep food odors from seeping into your home or office by sealing them inside with its tight-fitting lid. Made out of high-quality plastic, these bins are tough enough to withstand being moved around all over the place without breaking down on you as some other brands do after just a few months. With outstanding reviews across the board, it’s not hard to see why customers have fallen in love with it.


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