Did you know that the first trash can was invented by a janitor in 1909 who thought that it would be easier to empty if there was a container on wheels?

The problem with this early design is that the trash men had to use their hands, which were full of germs. It wasn’t until 1947 when Harry Wasylyk patented his invention of the rectangular garbage receptacle and wheeled cart, now known as the modern-day garbage can.

Conclusion: We hope that this brief history of the trash can has helped you understand how our receptacles have evolved. So where does your modern-day garbage go when it’s full? The answer might surprise you! In many areas, garbage is collected by a truck that hoists containers onto its back and tips them into an internal bin. Then they are either taken to a landfill or recycling center for disposal. It is important to remember not to put anything in the container, like food scraps or recyclables, until just before collection time so as not to attract pests such as raccoons and rats who feed on these things during the night (especially with all those holiday leftovers)! That way we can keep our streets.


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