In this post, we will go over how much a year you can save by working 34 hours a month.

It’s important to know the true cost of your time and be careful with what resources you spend on. Keywords: time management, work hours, efficiency To give you perspective on how much money you can save, here are a few examples. These people work at different jobs.

One person works as an accountant and earns $40 per hour ($800) from working 50 hours; this is the amount they could have earned if they had chosen to work 34 hours for that month. Another individual has a company with two employees who each make $18 per hour ($36) from working 40 hours in one week. The employer pays them only for 38% of their time so they would earn about $2300 from both workers by choosing to employ 73% less labor (34/38). This equals over $700 saved in payroll costs!


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