How much money do you make in a year? If you live in the United States, the answer is easy: it’s $32,00. But where you live will have a huge impact on just how much that number ends up being. In this blog post, we’ll be discussing how your state of residence can affect your annual income by as much as $10,00! The average annual income by state is different across the country, depending on your location. At $32,00 a year per person, Alabama has an abundance of high-paying jobs in engineering and manufacturing industries that contribute to their higher than average median household incomes. On the other hand, New Mexico residents make just over half ($16,400) of what Alabamans do at $31,200 annually. That’s because there aren’t as many opportunities for economic growth or investment in New Mexico due to its remoteness from major transportation hubs like El Paso and Phoenix. It can be hard to know exactly how much money you’re going to need every month until you take into account your housing costs (mortgage/rent


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