When you’re young, the doors are open to anything. You have no idea what might happen and you don’t care about much of anything outside of your own little world. I was that way when I was younger. It’s a fun time because it’s all new and exciting, but also terrifying because there is so much uncertainty in life for someone so young. We grow up with our dreams set on being something or someone we see as important in our lives and this is what can make us feel like the door to happiness has been closed.. If you’re reading this, I hope that is not the case for you. I’m writing to let everyone know that we can always find a way out of whatever situation we are in and it is possible to have those dreams come true if we never give up on them. It might sound cliche but there’s truth and even comfort in these words as they were some of my favorite advice when I was younger.. The key thing here though, is don’t ever lose sight or feel down about your own future because all things happen at their own time whether good or bad. Maybe something will be around the corner just waiting for us..don’t close any doors before walking through them first! That being said, what do you want


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